Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cy Falls stays tied for first with win over Cy Springs

The game between Cy Falls and Cy Springs started off with  a bang, well a bang bang bang as freshman JoAnn Taylor hit back to back threes to open it up and finished with 10 in the first quarter as the Eagles led 15-11. Cy Springs has come a long way from what they were and are headed in a new direction with their new staff but a total of 9 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarter sort of sealed their fate. Mind you Falls only scored 6 in the second but they won every quarter as the game ended 47-32

As hot as Taylor was the first half, Quay Cleveland was the second half as she finished with 20 to lead all scorers, Taylor finished with 17 but I wanted to really get a good look at the freshmen and Taylor along with Springs Tia Tolbert both impressed me as they are going to be among the names you'll be hearing about over the next few years. Tolbert scored 10 from a variety of ways while Springs was led by Bernisha Coleman's 16 and probably 11 rebounds

Supporting cast did well, Jae Branch and Tasia Hayes made spectacular passes numerous times while Dajia Craft was solid on bot ends. Falls has several players out due to injury including Kiara McElroy however after dropping by Catfish Station last night, I just might be on 290 Tuesday and Friday as Falls hosts Cy Fair Tuesday and travels to Cy Woods Friday but who knows