Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bush setting stage as they're rolling in 23-5A

It appeared that Barbers Hill was going to cruise to San Antonio after watching them earlier this season however that ride may not be without some bumps as Bush appears to be hitting it's stride at the right time. They're 8-0 in district however they still have to face Ball, Marshall and Elkins, teams they defeated earlier in district but those were close games and Elkins is the only one they have at home


Taylor Perry and Dazhia Norris lead the team in scoring averaging around 12 ppg however they also have three players, Cierra Palmer, Tamera Gulley and India Lloyd averaging just under 10 for the 17-5 squad. One could only imagine the additional heat the Broncos would be riding with if the exciting and talented Asia Nolan was on board, she's on course for a February return and that would mean even more of an impressive arsenal for the playoffs