Saturday, January 10, 2015

Two games pop out for next Tuesday

Rice signee Lauren Grigsby showed me she could be spectacular anywhere and on any team and watching her over the years with Blue Star or the Fastbreakers, Klein r Dekaney, she has always showed me one thing, she is a PLAYER. Last night @_hooopa went off again for 34 including, I hope  caught this and throughout her career, Grigsby has remained humble and appreciative and in this day and age, well ..........

Next week, Dekaney travels to Klein Collins in a battle for first, that's kind of far but there are some good restaurants along the way but then again there's Langham Creek at Cy Fair and a variety of  Seafood, Mexican and BBQ spots so we'll play it by the weather on whether I choose either as #PutUpOrShutUp continues