Friday, January 16, 2015

'16 Jones getting it done #UnderTheRadar

Since I've been paying attention to girls basketball shortly before the turn of the century, I've seen lots and lots of talented players however the deeper I became involved and the more I stepped away from my comfort zone, I found that talent was definitely everywhere in our fair state. Occasionally I would hear the "urban legend " tales about players that could do this or do that but more times than not that old saying "it's what you do, it's who you do it against" comes into play because I've seen a lot of players do a lot of things against certain levels of competition however once the bright lights hit and they were placed on center stage, things changed

San Antonio Reagan star Mailee Jones is someone I just caught last season, I had heard about her and I kept wondering how did I miss her after watching her for about two minutes. Well her dad played professionally overseas and she hadn't been in the states like many of these players I catch at 11 or 12  so there it, mystery solved but this young lady is one of the best guards in the country you may not have heard about and when you throw in she averages around 17 can rebound and defend, well that sums it up and when you add knowing the game and physicality, well that's a couple of intangibles  that score like this 25 footer at the buzzer, hey I watched her drop a 35 footer to win a game this summer, with two players hanging on her