Friday, January 16, 2015

'16 Panetti will be ready and at 6'2 #UnderTheRadar

If ever there was a team that I figured might pull off some big upsets down the stretch, it was Tompkins and even though it was only their first season, I already knew the major reasons why. The Goss twins and Kendall Rollins were legitimate players when I caught them in middle school, Sydney Makowski kept my eyes open dropping bombs from various area codes however the emergence of Brittany Panetti was the key

I also caught Panetti in middle school and like that Alicia Keys song, no one seemed to know her name but I made it a point to find out who she was and I've enjoyed watching what she could do. She's showed dominance inside the paint in fact outplaying some of the nationally ranked  players across the country, this with my own eyes and at the Texas A&M Camp, b2b2b threes simply maade me think all bets were off as far as the potential this young lady possesses. Panettin injured her knee but is due back later this club season so when you look at a steal.......