Monday, January 12, 2015

'18 Schenck key ingredient to teams success #UnderTheRadar

I caught Mikayla Schenck   a couple of years ago and I still remember one play vividly that opened my eyes to what type of player I was looking at. She went baseline as the time was running out and did a reverse move between two defenders to hit a pull up at the buzzer. Keep in mind she was only a 7th grader but she already showed the instincts to go with the skills and believe when you couple that together, it's a recipe for success.

A mini growth spurt has her not far away from the magic number and that along with having a D1 sister to observe can't do anything but help but this young lady has star written all over her and let me throw this in, have I EVER been wrong about talent.

I'll catch her and her talented team in a few weeks as the countdown to Space City Jam starts NOW

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