Thursday, January 8, 2015

#sizedontmatter in area 2016

I called both Faith Cook and Angela Harris next level players when they were in the 6th grade and when I call it, you can take it to the bank. Cook is the force behind Goose Creek Memorial who are attempting to make the playoffs yet again while Harris is the leading scorer on one of the top defensive teams in the area Cy Fair. Do those teams have a shot a making a run, well you just never know however Sentreal Gregory has taken her game and Westside up a notch while Madison Glass has her eye on making Hightower one of the four in San Antonio from 6A. I keep telling you Cy Woods and North Shore have the best chance to get it done but you just have to wonder how Bellaire would have  fared with both Dada Evans and Irinisha Johnson who at 5'10 plays much taller giving a whole new meaning to #sizedontmatter