Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cy Woods sends message to close out year

This was a game I was waiting on all season, the district showdown between a couple of area Top 10 teams, Cy Woods hosting Cy Fair with both having a shot at making it to Campbell Center in February. The weather was gloomy and misty, temperature dropped and it was an 11:30 game so if things didn't work out the way I anticipated, there was always the outlet 10 minutes away. Well the outlet actually started after the first tip as the Wildcats jumped out on the Bobcats off the top and never looked back as the transition points came in bunches.

Nneka and Chiney Ogwumike were on hand to watch baby sister Erica put on a show, I have seen this young lady do some remarkable things for almost a decade but this may have been the best game I've seen her play personally and her 28 points seemed like 38 as she dropped threes, hit the midrange outran defenders on the break or just exploded to the basket from the wing, she simply did everything, including rebounding and blocking shots, she probably had a double-double

Speaking of doing everything, how about Nancy Mulkey's triple double which included 18 points and countless offensive rebounds, I mean I quit counting them but her presence was definitely felt on the inside as she blocked, deflected or altered several Bobcat shots but always remember where the game starts and Tatyana Perez has been running the one with precision and confidence all season and her touchdowns on the money simply were simply something to see because it's simple, if you run the floor and have someone that can get the ball to you, easy points will come and they came in droves. Perez scored 13, may have her own double-double with her numerous assists but her b2b three's were among the six in a row her team hit, not consecutively but for scores

With Catherine Reece and Jasmine Williams rounding out their D1 starting line-up, they are going to be tough to beat down the stretch, providing they stay healthy and also providing how the games are called in the playoffs, just keeping it real with you. One thing I know is that the Bobcats will regroup, they are one of the toughest defensive teams in the area and Woods isn't 40 points better than they are but sometimes things just happen and this was one of those times