Monday, March 10, 2014

Young TPE stars shine at #JLE6060

Tamia Miller, Kinley Brown, Cyliest Smith, Robbie Johnson and Jazsmyne Willis came prepared for the John Lucas 60/60 Combine. Smith and Johnson are from the 2018 class, the others are in the 2019 group. Ironically I've been knowing Kinley's dad Kevin for quite some time and she joins the group that has an older sister making it to the next level. Here's a quick rundown from notes

Miller- strong in the paint on both ends, knew how to get to rim and more importantly finish with contact

Brown-speedy with the bal while being pressured, great body control and a highlight waiting to happen

Smith-was one of the best players that took defenders off dribble, good speed, nasty crossover plus a midrange

Johnson-good handle, got to the basket and finished strong, very aggressive on both ends

Willis-Oh my, saw that floater developing, with both hands, very smooth on the court and deceptively quick

Playing back what I saw in my head means what, I have GOT to see them this club season, very impressive group