Monday, March 10, 2014

Work. work, work, oh yeah work at #JLE6060

Although my playing days are a thing of the past and the  years keep moving forward, I'd like to take Coach Lucas' motto off the court regarding putting in the work. When I cover an event, it's from top to bottom and I see everything like that other SC. The main thing you campers should understand is you have to get better, take what you learned from this camp but every time your parent invests in you becoming better, work on what you've been taught

All I care about is finding players that have the ability to play at the next level. I don't have to look at Zae, Charlie or Deja over and over to know they're BCS players but what I will look at is what type of players they'll be at that level and based on their work ethic.......

Keep working and I'm going to keep watching, more Tip Sheets are coming so grab a seat because it was tweeted that John's camps are the Mercedes Benz of camps, well we're headed for the Autobahn