Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Washing 2019 trio show potential at #JLE6060

Alma Burney

Ahma Burney, Anna Murphy and Kylie Greenwald are three talented 7th graters from Washington that showed a lot of promise at "The Combine". Two good things I can definitely say about all three is that they comprehend the game, have a willingness to get better and even more importantly, thy have time, okay well three things but it's even more

Anna Murphy

Burney showed an abundance of athleticism on both ends while also displaying she could hit the mid-range consistently while Murphy and Greenwald not only handled the ball well, the saw the floor on the break. All went through the drills nicely, especially the one on one full court drills in which they had to platy defense and thing about these young ladies is they actually showed a lot of heart and desire on both days. Young and upside, I'm expecting even more to write the next time these young ladies

Kylie Greenwald