Thursday, March 27, 2014

New faces keeping Texas Preps Elite exciting at #MarchFest

Texas Preps Elite was another exciting and entertaining team I had a chance to enjoy covering last season. It's always about progression with me, I don't care about wins and losses and my job is to identify players that can play at the next level. Jordan Hamilton had a growth spurt, this enables her do do more things in her powerful package. Jalise' Smallwood is still everywhere on the hardwood creating problems on defense while 6'0 Kayla Barber is returning from a knee injury and once she's completely back, watch out
Gabby Gregory is one of the new faces, the first time I saw her she made a Tip Sheet and I said big things were in store, that was in the 8th grade and now the sophomore has BCS interest, yes I still amaze myself. Also new on board is De' Anira Moore, at 6'1, she's already going to school free but with her upside, there's no telling how high and how about 6'3 Korede Ahmedu, now that's an impressive young front line

Also joining the group is Javier Branch, who I knew had the tools while in elementary school. Branch was catching alley oops and doing some acrobatic stuff since coming back from her injury, I'm expecting big things from her. Ma'K'la Woods is another key on this gifted and talented team, super aggressive and exciting and once Yoselin Maldonado get's back, this team is going to raise some eyebrows but one young lady who raises the roof is Rebecca Lescay who just blows me away every time i watch her I see she's added something to her game