Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cy Fair Nike Elite 2017-AC at #MarchFest

In trying to see as many teams and players as possible, I didn't get a chance to see some of the younger teams that were very impressive last season however and since the core group of Cy Fair Nike Elite 2017 AC, Texas Adidas Elite Franey and Texas Preps Elite who are now Texas United Elite-Dreary remained the same, I saw enough and will catch more of each as the season progresses

Stephanie Mitchell is a huge pickup for this very talented team, I mean after all they also have three players, Tia Wright, Stephanie Jackson and Alex Coleman, that helped lead McKinney North to the state championship game as freshmen in 4A. The Have Aakillah Caldwell-Tyler who had a taste of what it felt like at Duncanville, who made it to the state championship game in 5A, Caldwell is going to be play a huge part of that team next season

Sharpshooter Andrea Martinez has added more to her game than just being a long ball threat and Jade Compton has simply gotten better and at 6'0, she, along with Mitchell and Calhoun, give them a very impressive front-line of players 6'0 or better, but wait, Priscilla Smeege is also a six footer and she's another "New Edition" that will keep this team on Billboard's top hits. Okay, I'll "Col it Now" but I'll see them soon with Calhoun and Pamela Herrera hopefully