Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flower Mound Bulldogs vs Lady All Syars at #MarchFest

Okay Morgan Hellyer is a name I've been talking about for quite some time and anytime I get a chance to catch this talented young lady and her team, I try to simply because this Bulldogs squad is one that simply knows how to get the job done. They helped close out the DFW Elite March Fest in a game that was like the picture, #AutoAwesome

Hannah Wilks was strong on the inside, Bridgette Stephens showed her athleticism going to basket plus hit the midrange while Gabby Adams, Madison Wood and Helleyer brought plenty of heat on defense. Bailey Rarick read the court the nicely for steals and she finished with contact however Alexis Jones has truly taken a major jump at the one as she dazzled me with her speed and quickness

The Lady All Stars, all from 2017, played the passing lanes well from all positions and their in your defense will definitely get them a second look but it wasn't just that. Grace Daniels has matured on the floor and she is doing some damage on the inside. Dominique Dawson was super athletic as well as Trelynn Tyler who along with #21 finished well from the wings and talk about wings, Tierra Malone can simply fly and her abundance of talent let her take over at certain points. Another inside threat was Christina Baker that relished contact over and over. Two solid squads that I can't wait to catch again