Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More monsters for the 2017 class emerge at MarchFest

Let's see, Alexis Morris, Chasity Patterson, Deauzya Richards, Kayla Owens are already household names from this area after their performances as freshmen, Beaumont being 100 miles away falls into that category however other stars were on hand from that sensational 2017 class at the DFW Elite March Fest

Emer Nichols at 6'3 commanded a lot of attention because of her size last season however I can see she's been working and her hard work is definitely paying off, in fact her turnaround jumper at the buzzer won a triple overtime thriller for Crossover in one of the games

Chania Wright just keeps getting better as she bedazzled me at the Tyrone Johnson Classic a few years ago and the Metroplex are is loaded with so much talent that even if you get lost, you will run across someone that can simply go or in Lyric Turner's case, blow by you

Lexi Gordon, the McKinney North group, Chennedy Carter and so many others just went off this season in high school and here as well that I had to reevaluate on how I'm going to do this 2017 group so please be patient, I'll work on this team by team, well providing I have the correct rosters with names and numbers and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.