Thursday, March 27, 2014

Texas Adidas Elite 2017 Franey at #MarchFest

This picture sort of illustrates the type of the team Texas Adidas Elite-Franey is as they love to pressure and switch and have each others backs. I caught them last season at a Prime Time Event I was covering and several were for Prime Time play even then. I mentioned earlier that I was under the impression that Tatum Veitenheimer was a sophomore when I saw her initially yet she was only going to the 8th grade, so her initials, TV, fit simply because I knew she would be doing big things on just that as time progressed. I've spelled her last name so many times that I now have it memorized,but since I hate to type, you'll still see TV in the tweets

In this great story, read more, I said Lexi Gordon was almost there and has unlimited potential, well she's there but she's nowhere near done, her passion on the floor is second to none and I spell her name correctly. Didn't see a whole lot of Ryanne Johnson but she impressed me and at the March Fest, did so even more. Gabby Gregory, Trinity Oliver, check and double check from last season. They along with Alexus Brigham added some different elements to an already impressive equation and folks, I just love watching smart players that can play, especially at a young age and this team was one of several I saw last season that could have won some HS districts in Texas

Channing Cyrus and Bryn Gelrich caught my eye as well last season, Cyrus for what she did on the inside and Gelrich, five three's in a row from outside the gym still blows my mind. These two, along with TV and GG are from the 2018 class so hopefully you get the picture on why I'm equally excited about 2018 as I am about 2017