Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SA Stars and HGEE 2017 #MarchFest

This picture sort of illustrates the battle between the San Antonio Stars and HGEE Britt as this was one of the three games in the Walker division that opened the March Fest up for me. The Stars have a solid team of 2016 and 2017 players, I've already talked about "17  Bianca Hernandez and her improvement but if you missed it, read more

Clogging up the middle for the Stars is Kira Vlk who loves to bang, rebound and can finish. Autumn Light and Kiania Cain played well on defense ' Light also joined Jordan Luensmann and Mackenzie Saenz as long ball threats, Luensmann and Victoria Salinas also showed the ability to not only attack the basket well but finish

HGEE 2017 had some talent as well filled with a group of freshmen that played defense and got after it