Friday, March 28, 2014

HGEE Alec vs DFW Elite Jeff at #MarchFest

Higher Goals Elevation Elite always pulls off some surprises throughout their organization as well as the DFW Elite group in Houston operating under Jeff Miller. I caught a glimpse of a game featuring two of their teams and several players, like this picture, were #AutoAwesome.

The super talented Briauna Johnson is ready for high school ball right now however the 2019 point has another year left before she sends messages. Tavia Marshall and Rexesha Hollis are also names you may want to remember as well as newcomer Corrine Evans, but these are only a few throughout the organization

HGEE caught my eye a couple of years ago at Prime Time Nationals when I saw a young lady named Crystal Allen simply go off as she was everywhere on the floor doing just about whatever she wanted. . I caught them again against DFW Miller and saw three 6'1 posts right off the top. '15 Palma Rodriguez has a good frame and soft touch while freshmen Hannah Reynolds and Megan Vincent have tons of potential. Britney Roden and Tatum Tellin hit the mid-range consistently while Caitlyn Foster just dropped them from everywhere