Thursday, March 20, 2014

All still well for Cori Schnell

Sophomore guard Cori Schnell blew me away last summer at Prime Time Nationals as I was amazed at her ability to simply find ways to score. The trend continued when I caught her at the Fly Swift Camp and throughout the season with Prince of Peace, so make no bones about it, this young lady is a legitimate prospect. This season, she's suiting up with DFW Elite and player I've been touting as an Under The Radar is about to simply take off

I'll catch Schnell and as many of the over 1000 players participating in the over 100 team March Fest coming up this weekend. Siminator coverage from top to bottom, I may even get a chance to see some of the real babies who will be participating

Tip are sheets are coming and this weekend I'll be running

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