Monday, March 24, 2014

#MarchFest simply #AutoAwesome

Texas United Nike Elite-Dreary, formerly Texas Preps Elite features some of the top players in the state against Houston Choice which has many of the top players from the area's toughest district and their battle was truly epic. Shania and Asia Woods clogged up the middle for Cy Fair HS this season, the top team team in the toughest district, both are 6'0 or better and the improvement just shows each and every time I see them. Also captured in the picture is Kyler Wyatt who was instant offense off the bench for Cy Fair plus created some problems on defense, not to mention her ability to blow crowds away sing the national anthem

You down with TPE, yeah you know me, which means I am and  if you've been paying attention and I always do just that when I see talented young players, you know they have several stars in the making. Let me just talk about Jordan Hamilton and Jalise' Smallwood for now for now, IU'll roll back later on some more  but when you talk about significant jumps, these two definitely made it. A growth spurt has Hamilton moving up in the next level battle while Smallwood has just expanded her game all the way around