Thursday, March 27, 2014

DFW Elite SUPER Girls soaring at #MarchFest

Okay Talouer Pruitt and Taylor Holley plus the rest of team have me saying oh by golly. Okay let's get thing straight, I'm not a poet, so please bare with me but I do know talent and sure as "well" know it early. Let me start off by saying this loaded team of DFW Elite Super Girls just keep coming at you and with the firepower they have, I wouldn't expect anything less

Najala Howell may not be related to that fictitious character Thurston III however she's rich with talent and may be the most underrated junior in the state but she isn't the only one. Dorian Branch is a sophomore you need to know about and almost a t 6'0, you certainly better about '17 Dejanee Terrell whose improvement over the past few months solidifies the deal and her hard work will determine the deck

 The speedster Breah Powell happens to be one of the top defenders in the state and she's a freshman and '18 Mallory Adams is all smile and right fully so because like Terrell, she's close to 6'0 as well and both are two of the most improved players I've seen since last summer. '18 Madison Williams is a BEAST right now, don';t be surprised if she uses those super powers to leap even higher. Chennedy Carter, well words can't even describe the talented freshman other than the fact that she's good but when she realizes just how good she really is, well.......

Okay it just dawned on me about where I've seen Pruitt, she was with Texas Adidas Elite last season and her game keeps getting better as she applies to heat and let's just say she and Holley are tailor made on the court. Bri'An Washington also caught my attention and I'm sure I'll see these talented young ladies again soon