Monday, March 24, 2014

At #MarchFest I had so much fun, right off the top here's "Tip Sheet" one

There is nothing like having fun at what enjoy doing, especially if this is your business and the 2014 March Fest definitely was fun for me for a number of reasons but the most important two were that I saw some of the top players in not only the state, but the country as well and they got after it baseline to baseline and with the addition of the shot clock that's becoming more prevalent, it sped the game up to where many of the young ladies I saw are locks and the majority are in the ballpark, but that's another story

This picture just grabbed me after Google + did it's separation under HIGHLIGHTS which grabbed right at me because the ladies pictured are beginning to separate themselves as well with the many HIGHLIGHTS they are giving me so let me roll with what I'll call my D1 one tip sheet off the top featuring players from both Cy Fair aand DFW Elite clubs

'15 Najala Howell is sort of hidden behind the young lady with the ball but once she's on the floor, she can't hide from defenders because they know who she is, but it doesn't matter because this young lady can play and she never takes a play off

"16 In the far left corner, the young lady that is simply a HIGHLIGHT waiting to happen is Dorian Branch. It would be easier for me to say what she can't do on the court so let me put it like this on what I think about her talent, bet the Ranch on Branch!!!

All the rest of young ladies are babies from the 2017 MONSTER CLASS and the two most improved are right in front

Laura Daulton is 6'1 and still growing which assures her of a free college education however her hard work and determination continue to make her an even more hot commodity, especially since her skill set keeps getting better as well as her hunger on both ends

Siera Cheetam is also around 6'1, she caught my eye a couple of seasons ago and continued to expand her game. Great athleticism and loves to battle in the paint, runs the floor well in transition and is working on her midrange

To the left to the left, well top left is Arianna Whitfield who is on the verge of blowing completely up. Hard nose defender and can score all types of ways. She had to step in and start on varsity this season and once that adjustment was made, she never looked back

Chennedy Carter is another HIGHLIGHT waiting to happen as she's on the inner top right. Collegfe ready body that is simply fearless, acrobatic, athletic, inside and outside scoring threat, handles the ball and sees the floor, hey I raved about this kid last season, I'm never wrong when I do that

Breah Powell is blurred in the top right and that's partly because of my lens but then again, she just set another record in track so let's roll she raced onto the court. She is the FIRST 2017 I wrote about nationally, she played point on a team that almost won state, she is one of the top defenders in the state already, again, I'm never wrong

Mallory Adams is holding the ball and blew me away at the Hoop A Holics Camp back in December, wait a minute, you don't belong here, you're a 2018. Oh my, glad I caught that one so let me regroup. Where she was last season to where she is now is frightening and if she has another jump like that, BCS is a lock but at 6'0 and with her work ethic, just remember her name please