Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New faces ready to take off and old ones move up at #MarchFest

A caught a glimpse of Lauren Davenport and DD Nelson at the Houston Elite Spring Fling thiss past weekend and it doesn't take me forever to realize certain things, s in other words, get ready for a couple of names that will surely be household before it's all said and done.

This weekend, the DFW Elite March Fest will feature over 100 teams and countless next level players including recently JEFFERSONIZED sophomores Calveion Landrum and Dorian Branch, but they aren't the only ones

With players here and players there, as I check out the schedule players are everywhere so don't be surprised if you see me tweeting about new names like Deja Terrell that have made huge jumps in a short time, or Madison Williams who simply jumps out of the gym, I will be there from sunup to sundown

Oh and when I mention sunup, Kiara Collins was one KC that brought a lot of Sunshine last weekend at The Zone, check out the game schedule and don't forget to download the Who Won app

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