Monday, March 24, 2014

Tip Sheets and stories coming from #MarchFest but first

I'll do the major Tip Sheet first along with a summary on the three Nike clubs in Texas, that will be coming tomorrow. all on Of the over 100 teams participating in the March Fest, I had a chance to see almost half so with that being said, there will be a lot of information coming, providing I have a roster to know who the players are., I mean as good as I think I am, I haven't mastered the Kreskin mind reading course

Also anyone that knows me knows how I operate and that's with no agenda, I cover everyone and the majority of these players in the area were written about me first, if you Google the players name, see what comes up. I don't like when people tell me about what other evaluators said, that's not going make me change how I think because the opinion I value most is my own and I base that on what I see

I saw tons of talent at the March Fest so strap up, it's going be a long ride this week and always remember no one does it like I do, well like Lashaan Higgs did it this weekend as well