Sunday, March 30, 2014

She's Balllin' Extravaganza takes me "Back To The Future" sort of

Ashley Ramirez may not be a household name yet but as she shows deuces up, well her age, this young lady officially sets the record as the youngest player ever to make a Tip Sheet. I was sitting with Nyah Green's dad Quinton and he told me I needed to see this young lady so off the top, I observed she was truly into her ball-handling and observing what the older players were doing. Her mom told me she also observes landmarks and from blocks away she will them "we're getting close to the gym" however if ball-handling and being observant aren't the foundation for being a future point guard, when she told her older sister, who happens to be MDAA candidate Amber Ramirez, to keep her hand up after her shot, well it appears Texas 2029 will still be doing just fine

Tip sheet and mini stories coming