Friday, March 28, 2014

Houston Elite Blue vs Crossover Gold at #MarchFest

This was a situation where you had two teams with young stars in the making on the verge of breaking or like one of favorite movies "Bustin Loose" simply because. Houston Elite brought the heat. Diedra Dobbins and Marshell Hollins run the backcourt at Channelview and the pressure they bring on defense just keeps coming at you. When you throw in Mikayla Robinson, be ready because the fire just keeps coming. Preighton Porter keeps getting better, her size and strength plus her improvement and more important desire will pay dividends. Porsche Harris and Maizrhae Zeno sowed a lot of athleticism as well as they scored all sorts of ways

Crossover brought five teams down to the March Fest with talent running rampant on each. I already spoke about Emer Nichols amazing comeback from her knee injury and her turnaround jumper won a triple overtime thriller but an abundance of guards and "bigs" with plenty of potential are on every team. Chelsea Lott, another who is making great strides after being out will be key to Hightower's run at not only district next season, Campbell Center here they come, but who knows. I also know the Twin Towers on Gold are bursting with potential