Friday, March 21, 2014

Kingwood Under The Radar trio "In Plain Sight" for #MarchFest

It's one thing to be considered a next level player and actually make it and it's another thing to have multiple offers and after last July, the Kingwood trio of Gabby Stanton, Charlotte Hodges and Brooklyn Jolivette simply blew up after their outstanding play. It's one thing for me to write about how good players are but simply put, after I say it and the players actually do it, that's huge pluses all the way around simply because it validates what I said and the players prove they have what it takes

Stanton was so overwhelmed with offers, she committed to Arkansas however after a coaching change, she has since decided to keep her options open. With an abundance of offers on the  table for all three, I'll get a chance to see them this weekend at the DFW Elite March Fest playing for Cy Fair Nike Elite Jolivette

If you haven't downloaded the Who Won ? app, you may want to do so. I've been playing around with it and it gives you tons of VALUABLE information, well like I do

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