Monday, March 31, 2014

Millett and Simmons #AutoAwesome at #SBEX

I'm just the pitcha taker, Google+ does the rest however let me say this, Millett and Simmons are two of the best. Nothing like opening a Monday with a corny rhyme, I'm about to take my morning stroll so I can figure out just how I'm going to roll these tip sheets out from #SBEX.

I wanted to first start off with two of the top players I've seen so far this summer that have simply done two things, made their teammates better and showed the ability to take over when needed, while not running the one. If you comprehend what I'm saying, you'll understand the value so I'll open it up with a Monday mini-story on a couple of the top 2015 players in Texas

Bri Millett (Sophia Young Elite) captured my attention while in middle school, she was so far ahead of the game with her skill set and  IQ that I knew this kid would have a shot at being a mid to high. Because of her accomplishments over the years, several offers were on the table for her and she decided to commit to Louisiana Tech as a sophomore however she opened the recruiting process back up and with family on the east coast as well she's open

Joi Simmons (Houston Elite) definitely has the right name because over the years she has been nothing but a joy to watch and I recall me asking her was she from out of town after seeing her play because I knew she had to be a junior throwing "no looks" and being poised as she was on the floor. Her response was "I'm still in middle school." Simmons is on the short  of list of many colleges and as the season progresses, that list will grow

These young ladies have been impressive after seeing them multiple times over the past three weeks and after their performances at the She's Balllin' Extravaganza, watch out