Saturday, March 8, 2014

On the money again in the area !!!!!

Manvel's McDonald's All American duo go it done, along with adding a third BCS player but you already knew that if you have access to a television, newspaper or internet. What you may not know is how I picked the teams and although I never adjusted the rankings like I said, that is only one instance when I didn't remember in December and if you know what that means, well.......


#1 ranked Manvel knocked off #2 North Shore to make it to Campbell Center and #3 Cy Woods, so I guess none of me saying they were going do actually changed things by giving others a "boost", I mean if you have two legitimate MDAA's on the girl's side and three BCS players, well the call was easy and the Mavericks answered. Ironically #4 Klein Forest finished 3rd in district however they were the last area R2 team standing, so once again, count on GPR to give you logical yet sometimes lucky info, uhh, that's on projecting teams because one more time, you only have to be the best team that game