Saturday, March 8, 2014

John Lucas 60/60 Combine warms up Bob Knight Fieldhouse on opening day

The good thing about camps is that younger players can gauge themselves against other players across the state. I've always promoted players going out and see other talent because you may be the best on your school team, in your district or even city, but Texas is a very big state. With that being said, when you attend an event ran by John Lucas, rest assured you'll be measured against talented players from across the country. Tyler Collins and Taylor Sutton came all the way from Georgia, Oregon had 15 players, Alaska, Washington, Louisiana, Colorado, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana all had multiple players attending and the talent was definitely mind boggling at times

The young ladies from Elevate New Orleans blew me away at John Lucas All Star Weekend three weeks ago and this time they were minus Kourtney Weber, but nothing has changed, they are legit and even more than I thought

Kalin Smith and Kaylor Coleman have Rayven Patin sandwiched. Both showed a lot of potential and the 2018 Under The Radar Patin already had sold me on her having next level potential during the same All Star Weekend event however from what I saw today, her potential will take her way up the ladder. I'll bring you more on the out of state young ladies, they all were impressive and the memory of Sutton going behind her back with the ball, while in the air, and somehow reversing the ball back for a backhanded lay-up will be forever embedded in my mind

Stay tuned, clocks move up and I'll be moving out