Saturday, March 8, 2014

2013 GPR Umder The Radar player Jones receives freshman honors

So many times players get overlooked for whatever reason whether it's due to being injured, not being marketed right or just listening to others that may not get out and see as many players as I do but obe thing is for sure, I'm a pretty good judge of talent and Kylah Jones had the ability to play somewhere, in fact I'm pretty sure based on certain things that transpired, she could have played D1

You don't find many high energy players on both ends with team first mentality and whatever flaws would be corrected with time in gym, that goes for Top 100 players on down, you always need to keep working. Jones landed a spot with Loyola and has put together a very productive opening season which was good enough to be named to the All Freshman Team, read more

Several unsigned seniors are available and if they're on my list, trust me they can all play somewhere. Info will be coming college coaches, please check your inboxes or hit me and remember, I have no agenda, if a kid can play............