Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Orleans Lady Trojans make impressive showing at U of H Camp

Okay let me see, Ebony Robinson, Tamea Adams, Kalin Smith, Rayven Patin, Haili Duncan, Kaylor Coleman and Mya Phillips were on hand in Houston this weekend for the Cougars Camp and although I missed Saturday, I saw enough Sunday to get an idea. I already knew about Patin, she blew me away a couple of years ago just by making a couple of passes and since then, I've had a chance to watch this young lady in different settings  read more

With the exception of  Robinson, Adams and Duncan, all of these young ladies showed me something a last seasons Prime Time Nationals as they made a deep run to the E8 if I'm not mistaken but I'm definitely not mistaken about this squad having some talent and a couple of others who didn't make the trip, Arianna Cooks and Reagan Crawford help give this squad that extra boost to go along with what I saw at the camp and that includes Smith's improvement of creating and pulling up for