Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Rice Camp '16 Tip Sheet

Michelle Fokum battling Jade Compton 

I was going to do a a couple of Tip Sheets after spending a day at the Rice Camp however after going over everything in my head, I figured based on who and what I saw I would just break down each class

Kendall Ellig- did a little bit of everything, scored inside and outside, rebounded well on both ends, defended and ran the floor

Amanda Karako-one of the smartest scorers I've seen in a while, she sets up defenders nicely and catches them off balance and her revers lay-ups from either way kept my eyes glued to her station

Kendall Alsup- powerful moves around the basket but also showed she could face it and score. Did a good job on boards aas well

Michelle Fokum-probably one of the best 5'9 rebounders I've seen this decade, a few more inches and she's a BCS lock, simply a warrior that can also score inside

Breosha Scott-athletic guard that finished strong and could create her shot, which was on point as well. Good defender and ball handler

Maya Sampleton-highlight waiting to happen is the simplest way to describe her, scores multiple ways , plays passing lanes well

Courtney Blankemship-stroke was equally strong as her body, she was dropping mid and long range with players hanging on her

Sara Lewis- 6'2 and can score facing the basket as well as inside. Athleticism and aggressiveness has definitely improved, changed up some shots on D

Lauren Harrison-midrange and body control continue to click, saw the floor well, well extremely well at 6'1

LaMycia Hamilton-explosive first step while attacking basket, brought heat o defense and banged on the boards, oh yeah she dropped some threes

Melissa Rodriguez-unlimited range, she was dropping long ones when I arrived and doing the same once the camp was winding down

Angela Wadley-strong and punished guards trying to defend her. I knew she could shoot the long range but not like she did, finished strong with contact

Cydney Varner-stop and pop, pull-up or whatever you want to call it, her midrange game is among the best in  the state

Sydney Carr- played solid on both ends, scored when needed but set teammates up for gimmes. Also rebounded well from guard spot on both ends

Rachel Brown-high energy guard that can defend and run a team but on top of that she can also hit the jumper just to keep defenders honest

Daria McCutcheon-smooth shooter, attacked well from wing and finished strong with contact. Also was solid on defensive end

Other standouts that consistently put up numbers were Kayla Barber, Cindy Si, Jillian Cready, Anna Bowman and Alex Frankhouser