Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 U of H Camp had a talented mix on opening day

HOUSTON, Texas- I missed opening day at University of Houston's 2015 Elite Camp however my phone was buzzing about this player and that player and the general consensus is that Jasmyne Harris is a national player and they're right, this something I said I guess back in 2012 when I first caught her with the Phenoms. I tell people "it's not lock she took a  magic pill and became a player, she's always been one and although many are selling magic pills, it just doesn't work that way" Harris is simply a PHENOMenal player and at 5'9 she plays above the rim and with her added range, well I know where she should be and that's in the mix. How about this, in her spare time she goes to state in track and wins there too

I guess around 2010 is when I first saw Chasity Patterson, I have some videos floating around on that initial sighting and as I watched her drain threes effortlessly, this included her now patented step back and with the ponytail hanging and handling the ball better than than guy handled his yo-yo on that Duncan commercial told me on thing, she was " The Future." I told one of the national writers about the kid and he sad I was right about everything but her shot, well after Boo Williams he apologized and in a sarcastic response I told him everyone has an off game, the ball doesn't always go in but if it's on the line, I know who I want with it

I gave Angela Harris a Rising Star award when she was in the 6th grade playing up, I knew just based on her work ethic and athleticism, she was going to be a D1 player, use the search bar and either you know or you don't. Many of the top players were only there on opening day, Tasharian Robinson, Jakeira Ford and Ariana Taylor from the Houston area, as well as Metroplex stars Alexandria Coleman and Stephanie Jackson are a couple of players I've written about before I told you they would help lead McKinney North to state as freshmen, I was right about that as well but I'll give you a run down on who I saw on Day 2