Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Rice Camp '17 Tip Sheet

Alex Coleman 

The 2017 group I had a chance to see at the Rice Camp had a range of next level players for numerous levels and I mean players capable of playing high major. The whole camp was solid and it was fun to watch the players get after it

Alex Coleman- she brings so much energy that it trickles down to her teammates. She can a run a team, good IQ and handle the pressure while being to apply it

Bianca Hernandez-played through pain like the warrior she is, good decision make and scored when needed. Just got it done

Brashear Staten-long and athletic is always a plus yet she's made several jumps throughout the season and was impressive on both ends at camp, scary upside

Haleigh Talbert- lightened her hair but I figured it out later. Explosive and powerful guard that can create and pull-up off dribble for easy baskets

Eneily Rodriguez-smart scorer and defender, midrange continues to impress me but when you can create under pressure, that's always a plus

Kamille Cooper-very VOCAL on floor, simply overpowering in paint,l strong body just made her presence felt as she scored and rebounded at will

Katie Dalton-turned another corner as her physicality came in handy in the paint. She finished strong and rebounded even stronger, she simply wanted it more many times

Laura Daulton-her imposing frame catches your eye initially and the more you watch her you see her arsenal includes running floor, facing basket for scores as well as put-backs and rebounds

Mia Perkins-has fun in the paint, she's determined to get everything coming off the rim and has become more acrobatic finishing

Temi Aloa-several terms and phrases are often misused or overused however when I call a player a BEAST in caps, trust me. Aloa looked good last summer and has added muscle, she's relentless on both ends

Treazure Mouton- already one of her classes top defenders, midrange continues to get better but I think her first step kept me smiling more than anything

Rebecca Lescay-I have seen her do some amazing things over the past three years but one thing is for certain, she's clutch and delivered under pressure at camp

Mikayla Kuehne-one of the biggest surprises for me at camp, super strong player that scored as if she was playing around the world combined with horse, just got it done from everywhere

Marissa Banfield- I've called her one of her classes top points since she was 10 but 7 or 8 consecutive threes to open the camp definitely got me going

Jade Compton-even more aggressive than when I first saw her, she smothers opponents on the defensive end and can score from the 3 or 4 spot a variety of ways

Julia Schwanke- one of the states best long ball shooters, any class, since she was in middle school. Big guards who can shoots lights out have historically done well at next level, add her

Hannah Froeschl- nicknamed her Hang Time because I changed batteries in phone once watching her elevate, no video but it's true. What's also true is that she has an arsenal of offensive weapons that simply stated "once she gets going, she's hard to stop"