Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Rice Camp All Star team

Laura Daulton & Marissa Banfield 

HOUSTON, Texas- I had a chance to formally meet the staff at Rice University, I met Rice head coach Tina Langley years ago when my daughter was still in high school and it’s ironic that she’s now assistant coach under Coach Langley.  I’ve seen assistant coaches Josh Hutchinson and Angie Nelp on the circuit but never had a chance to really talk to them so this was a definitely a blast for me.  Alexis Popelar (Director of Operations) and I met over a year ago when she was with Northwestern State so it was great catching up and I’ll be seeing a lot of them all once the season starts. One thing I did see at the Women’s Basketball Camp yesterday at Tudor was an enormous amount of players capable of playing at the next level and I’ll start off with the All Star team since I’m somewhat pressed for time and I’ll throw you some Tip Sheets later including an Under The Radar segment

Temi Aloa 

Here is the squad

Payton Hicks
Elizabeth Scott
McKinzie Green
Danielle Davalos
Daria McCutcheon
Rayven Patin
Destini Whitehead
Maci Ray
Hannah Froeschl
Laura Daulton
Camille Cooper
Marissa Banfield
Brooke Bradley
Maya Sampleton
Amanda Karako
Breosha Scott
JoAnn Taylor
Temi Aloa
Michelle Fokum
Sara Lewis

Kendall Ellig