Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Clutch City Tip Sheet #PrimeTime

Isabella Rathgeb 

Last weekends Prime Time tournament gave me a glimpse of even more talented young players that will be entering high school if not next year, within the next couple so it's always good to see the talent continuing to flow. I don't if everyone realizes that I really don't watch scores, I write that almost weekly and at some point it should register but my primary goal is to find players that can play at the next level. Lady Chaos brought a couple of teams down to the event from Louisiana, I didn't know everyone's name when they were here last month but they definitely have some talent as they won 6/7 and 9/10 grades. Here are some of the players that caught my eye over the weekend


Ogechi Nwodo (Knights) college ready body and an abundance of potential. She's around six feet, athletic and goes after everything in the paint, runs floor well and can defend . Just started playing a year ago huge upside

Isabella Rathgeb (Insiders) long and athletic, can get to the rim easily and finish strong with either hand. Good IQ, can also step out and hit midrange and can defend under basket or from the perimeter.


Kalea Hartman (Northside Ballerz) athletic guard that brings plenty of energy on both ends, plays passing lanes well, showed she could handle ball under pressure and hit the midrange plus she gets to rim and finishes with both hands

Frances King (TWELVE) has made a huge jump from last year, more intensity and aggressiveness usually come with maturity but her ability to turn into a scorer, meaning she finds ways to put ball in basket, blew me away


Pamela Igbokwey (3220 Elite) long and athletic, plenty of upside to go with her 74 inches. She understands the simple things and has good skills but what I like is that she can simply get after it and won't back down. Time is on her side and she has a bright future

Alona Gray (Lady Chaos)


Alona Gray (Lady Chaos) lighting has nothing on her as she bolts from one end to another. Loves to D up and plays passing lanes extremely well but trying to guard her is somewhat of a problem with her deadly first step

Khyra Cooper (Madville Lady Ballers) her length, athleticism and age tells me she's a next level lock and once she fine tunes a few things, who knows how high she can go. It's there, I saw that after a couple of minutes and once she lets it completely out....

Priscilla Williams ( Shooting Starz) I saw this kid walking bouncing the ball and asked what grade she was in and just on that I went to catch her game. She's close to six feet, she's long and her range was worthy of ABC TV last night. She creates extremely well for her age and I'm thinking HUGE down the road

Precious Daily & Cornecia  "Sissy" Thompson

Sissy Thompson (TWELVE) has an arsenal of weapons I've seen few with at her age, she certainly understands the most important things, how to score and how to stop whoever she's guarding from scoring. Huge upside for both her and her cousin Precious who has been out with a minor injury and I have both pegged as among the tops in their class in TX

Kailey Yokum (Lady Chaos) Physical player and doesn't mind giving or receiving it on either end but that tells only part of the story as she showed she could rebound, defend and finish and that along with her age spells trouble on the court