Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 Rice Camp '18 Tip Sheet

Rayven Patin

I don't like cliches or broad statements or just about anything else simply because it normally doesn't apply on this side of the game and one in particular, the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores truly use to irritate me so why did I post it, I don't know, I guess over the years it's had some merit because making the transition from middle school to high school takes some a little longer than others and some really do explode that second season in high school but then again many have already blown up

Rayven Patin-I saw this young lady two seasons ago and after a couple of passes through traffic and some ballhandling under pressure, I asked her dad could she shoot it. Next time around, that question was answered but her explosiveness simply is icing on the cake because the game starts with the one

D'Asia Collins- when you have the mentality this young lady had before she was 10, there was no doubt she was going to be running a team. Over the years she's gotten stronger andf her range longer but she loves setting teammates up for gimmes

Destini Whitehead-off the top I saw her applying pressure on D, that's a good sign but her energy level stayed the same all day, that's a better sign. She scores multiple ways and had a knack for being around the ball

Jada Peacock- her name alone on a roster caught my eye three years ago and I've her continue to get better every season. She can score under pressure and is one of those players that wants to take the "clutch" shot and unlike my mail carrier she delivers at the right time

JoAnn Taylor- in the 7th grade, I saw her just blow by defenders at will, that first step, that body control, that ability to score taking contact showed me a lot but that improved outside shooting has shown me even more as she's hard to handle

Maniya Powell- she probably thought I was crazy asking her what her name was several times but she just excelled so many different ways that I just had to make sure. Scored and defended in various settings and made things happen

Toni Cuellar- I saw something i her three years ago as she wouldn't back down against older and stronger girls. A couple of growth spurts later, she's turned several corners as a talented scorer and rebounder who creates well from any spot

Maci "Bombs Away" Ray- when you come from a family of talented basketball players and you're the baby, more times than not you're going to be doing some very impressive things and this young lady's name has been floating around since she was I guess 3 or 4 so yes, her name preceded her. She is one of the best shooters in her class, midrange, long range home on the range, she simply gets it done

Other talented sophomores to be I caught a glimpse of  were Elise Shauf, Kaitlin Wykoff, Kyla Justice and Meredith Marcum