Friday, June 12, 2015

2005 What A Class

CY FAIR TEXANS photo credit Cedrick LaFleur

Texas has always had talented players, that's a given and because of the states size and girls competing even more at younger ages, that's not going to change however several things have changed along the way and if you weren't around, you really don't know what I'm talking about.

I had a gentleman tell me I wrote about this team that I called great and their team beat the team by 30. My response was I can't tell you everything I've wrote over the years but I can certainly you what I have never written is that a team was great

In honor of today not being Friday the 13th, I wanted to throw a couple of teams that were great, the 7th grade Houston Hoops and the 8th grade Cy Fair Texans who were beating and competing with some of the top HS teams, not only in the state but the country.

Six Hoops players actually left to form the Texans however the names on both of the teams reads like a Who's Who of talent, TK Lafleur (Nebraska & TCU) Ebony Mangum (LA Tech & TCU) Aubrey Cook (Texas) Brittany Toran (Texas A&M) Morgan Clyburne (Stanford) Jessica Morrow (Baylor) Traci Ray (Utah State) Takia Starks (Texas A&M) Meagan Valicevic (Tulane)

I'm missing some but you get the picture and let me say this, either team at their respective age would compete for a TEXAS state title, trust me and I'm talking 6A. These are only a few from the most talented class I've seen from the state