Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gulf Coast Blue Chips all that and then some #PrimeTime

I already had heard stories about this squad and amazing players but then again I hear that over and over but some of my sources are always on point and it's like this, you have to have been out there to know where the bar has been set, not just around the area or state, but on a national level and after watching the Gulf Coast Blue Chips, they have several players with a shot a playing college ball, they already show that and many more with the potential providing they continue to work hard and progress. Jonesha Neal and Dalanna Carter blew me away and made the Tip Sheet read more

Asia Robinson can get to the rim and finish, she's ahead of the game as far as comprehension and has good size and she's on the top of the press. Love Jacei Delaney's athleticism and on top of that her ability to finish and the same can be said for Kyndall Hosea. Armani and Anyaih Robinson created problems on both ends and if Asia is their sister, this Robinson trio may be bigger than Crusoe, well in basketball. Plenty of energy from both Alana Trail and Abby Hart, both also showed they could shoot the three, while Kavish Campbell does a good job controlling the paint on both ends