Friday, June 26, 2015

2015 HBU Camp Tip Sheet part two

Part two at HBU had me observing a number of faces I've seen before including Gabriella Long and Leanna Yee and trust me on this one, Leanna definitely can shoot the three. Both players are from the '21 class, Long's imposing size will have colleges looking early and they will also need a GPS to track Yee's range read more

Ify amd Moto Mbue were also a sight for sore eyes, hadn't seen them all season, hey I can't write about you if I don't see you and these two young ladies are definitely ones that need to be seen since they're in HS. I did catch them with the HOUSTONIANS last season read more

Shira Patton has "STAR" written all over her and this really smart evaluator caught her earlier this season and dropped on her on his Tip Sheet read more

How about TWO Cassidy Howards making noise in HS soon, I am going to have some fun that but right now, the guard Cassidy Howard is hard to, well guard. She's explosive off the dribble, can create her shot from anywhere and sees the floor extremely well. Also Sophia Carrasco dazzled me with her handle's, both hands, as well as split the seams many times for dimes