Monday, June 8, 2015

Auto Awesome Monday opens Prime Time recap

I read on Twitter last week that no one can call a MS player or younger a D1 player, they're only college prospects and although I agree to an extent simply because everyone I've called a can't miss this century has actually done it so that rule probably doesn't apply to me yet they're are several strange posts on social media but that's another story for another time

This past weekend, I continued to see talented Texas players coming up and many will be broken down on the various Tip Sheets I'mm throwing at you. One of those players, 8 year old Rezia Castillo ( HTX)impressed me even more off the court than on it as I caught running around yesterday I asked if she was the 2nd grader playing the day before. She responded yes and I said you are just a baby and shot back quickly "I'm not a baby" with the biggest smile you could ask for and let me say this, she's one of the best 2nd graders I've seen  in my life, btw my daughter's in the WNBA so this kids upside is through the roof

I hadn't seen HTX all season, I already know about Gaston and Rodriguez, both have gooten even better but the player that truly impressed me the most in the whole tournament was '22 Ashlon Jackson who more than held her own in the HS division, remember it's not what you do it against so her status, well you can read about her later in fact I already wrote about her before the growth spurt read more

Speaking of wrote about before, this picture of Dalanna Carter may not be clear but trust me watching her fellow '23 Jonesha Neal has me saying hash tagging two things right now sow in case I'm no longer you can use the search bar and see #sizedontmatter and #D1 LOCKS so needless to say, those two will be on the 4th/5th grade Tip Sheet coming up I'll combine with the 6th/7th. The 7th and 8th grade will be another Tip Sheet and I'll close it out with one on the HS group but let's revisit last year's story on Carter read more

'21 ABA came all the way from Missouri and won the 6th/7th grade division with ease, I kind of said after seeing them for about a half of a half on opening day so that deserves a spot all to themselves. Stay tuned and if you don't follow me on Twitter, you may want to because many of the pics you don't see you will see as well as behind the scene stuff as well as in depth interviews, you just never know what I might throw at you just be ready to catch it because it's real