Saturday, June 27, 2015

Under The Radar stars ready for huge July

'18 Mikayla Schenck is steadily rising among the ranks as one of the top players in her class statewide however the improvement I'm seeing warrants national attention, trust me this young lady does things you just can't teach but more on her later.

Next week, I'll break down some 2016 and 2017 players you might not know about but need to on Monday and Tuesday as well as some 2018 through 2020 players as they hit the road at various places, college coaches I will be sending schedules, please check your inboxes

All I can say is there was a player named Ariel Atkins few knew about yet blew up her junior season and more recently Jasmyne Harris (Phenoms) after a huge April. They didn't just become basketball stars overnight, I actually started talking about what would happen early in their careers

Several stars will be coming that can play at various labels so be ready, it's coming