Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 Rice Camp '19 Tip Sheet

Brooke Habeck and Reagan Montgomery 

Those of you old enough to remember Cracker Jacks should know that sometimes you would get a great prize in the box like the ring I gave my first true love when I was four or five, well actually I never heard from her again but anyway I love being surprised at camps and tournaments and as I close my Tip Sheet segment I was surprised by many at the Rice Camp throughout the various classes. Most of these players I've had a chance to see numerous times and as I tell parents although I may respect what other write about their kids, that has no bearing on me and I need to see for myself and make my own decisions. 2019 definitely had some talent on hand and here are few that caught my eye

Brooke Habeck-good size and is definitely a threat offensively either with back to the basket or from way out yonder. Doesn't mind getting bumped and still finishes, rebounds well

Reagan Montgomery- made a special trip see her last season and after a few possessions, I saw all I needed to see. She runs the one, makes the right decisions, under pressure at that, and can score

Payton Hicks- remember her bouncing around years ago watching her older sister and when I caught back up with her three seasons ago, I was somewhat speechless. Amazing upside but she's doing a lot of damage from the one right now

Macknzie Green- right last name because parents won't be getting off of any for college. I wrote about her in the 5th grade, she's made numerous Tip Sheets and to be honest she'll probably surpass even what I expected

Elizabeth Scott-tagged her "Great Scott" in 6th grade and if I do that, they're definitely D1 locks. Was a five now she's giving high fives from the three spot where she can LEGITIMATELY be effective at in college, on both ends

Danielle Davolos- I thought I was hearing Savalos and I'm thinking Kojak but my own detective work made me get up and find out who this young lady was dropping 30 footers, no exaggerating on the distance. When I get up and ask for a players name, that means something and this young lady has "it"  

Other standouts from 2019 group included Payton Stewart, Gabriella Soria and Sarah Martin