Tuesday, June 9, 2015

4th/5th Grade Tip Sheet 2015 Summer Hoops Tour #PrimeTime

Jonesha Neal

I already mentioned that I read a tweet regarding no one can call a middle school player a D1 lock, well I'll take it a step further and say that not have I done that but I've also called several in elementary school including Brooke McCarty and my own daughter but for the most part, that statement does hold some validity as far as the masses but there have and always will be exceptions to the rule. Jonesha Neal and Dalanna Carter were are definitely going to play somewhere in that D1 group providing they grow and get stronger but the foundation is there, they only have to build on it. Many any players are on the right path, here's a few that stood out when I got a chance to see them

Jonesha Neal (GCBC) missed her on day one but she was everything II heard she was once she stepped on center stage. The first step is explosive but even more impressive is court vision and change of direction in traffic. To top that off, she's already finishing with contact

Dalanna Carter (GCBC& Lady Dragons) wrote about her last season and had forgotten I did but she's even better than she was when she blew me away a year ago. Poised beyond her years, she dominated at her age and did more than hold her own playing in the 6/7th grade division

Rezia Castillo 

Keely Cummings (HTX 2023) I didn't believe she was for real when she did a crossover in traffic but she did it again the next day so no mirage. She's a gamer, loves to defend and distribute and can score multiple ways

Janae Tucker (HTX 2023) already showing range at a young age, that's always a good thing but even better is the fact that she mixes it up. Does a good job creating shot, knows how to get to the basket and finish

Bella Woodhead (HTX 2022) did a good job creating her shot under pressure and also showed she could knock down the three, huge upside

Rezia Castillo (HTX 2023) first of all, she's a a 2025 which means she's only in the 2nd grade and watching her anticipate and create alone caught my eye. She already gets it, she can handle herself and plays with passion and fire. I can only imagine what this 8 year old will wind up doing in the open court in the upcoming years but she's one of the best at her age I've seen in my life