Friday, June 12, 2015

Team Absolute Lady Blues 5th Grade #PrimeTime

As impressed as I was with the 4th grade Lady Blues team, the 5th graders simply turned the heat up and if it wasn't hot enough, they kept adding wood to the fire. Raegan Harold already shows signs of being an explosive scorer at a young age as she put up numbers throughout the event. Ah'Jaia Kenner also showed she could put up numbers but then again they were getting points either from Jayden Coleman and Niara Simmons or Alia Landry and Sydni Wiltz but it didn't stop there

Reniya Joseph already understands the simple things and I predict her to create numerous problems in the paint as she was a double-double waiting to happen. She along with Emily Bourg and Tamiya Mitchhell showed they could also make big plays at the right time but some of the biggest moments came on baskets from both Yanila Morales and Irmani Turner