Thursday, June 18, 2015

Texas 2016 standout Faith Cook commits

When I use the search bar and play back what I've written about many of these talented players I sometimes get misty eyed because another chapter is about to close on a talented group of players I've been watching a long time. I saw Faith Cook first play when she was in the 6th grade and knew she had special gifts you can't teach and I  actually caught her dropping 40 in a middle school game the following year, she's one of a few I've had a chance to see duplicating that feat in high school but her being a D1 player was set in stone that initial sighting simply because of her basketball IQ, defense, work ethic and I guess NBA range even back ten didn't hurt but reminisce about the talented young lady who has committed to UTEP read more 

I asked Faith a few questions and she's as articulate off the court as she is on it

Why did you choose UTEP? "I think the school fits me and the style of game I play" said Cook

What do you actually like about the school? Cook replied " coaching staff and their academics along with the El Paso environment. They have great support and love from their city"

I then asked Faith what her goals were at UTEP and without even hesitating she gave me the answer I expected "to win CHAMPIONSHIPS"

I've tweeted and did stories numerous time on " you gotta have Faith" well the Miners certainly do and I do too because with her mindset along with the talented group they've signed, it's going to be some exciting ball in El Paso