Monday, June 29, 2015

'18 Reagan Heun continues to blossom as she's ready for July

What;s that I always talk about I'm looking for in players that I evaluate, oh yeah, progression and that's what I continue to see in 2018 Reagan Huen. This young lady continues to make leaps and jumps as she gets stronger and faster along with elevating her skills, well the skills were already there but her desire is to be the best she can be and she knows that putting in the work will give her many options to play in college. Over the past weekend, the SYE Red star had an impressive Alamo City Classic averaging almost 13 ppg in four games which included 8/15 from bta. She didn't miss a free throw in her 14 attempts and this video sort of paints the picture but trust me, that picture is a long way from being dry and she's definitely a name you want to remember Below is a link to what she did in April and below that a video from the Alamo City Classic

Reagan Heun Alamo City Classic Highlights