Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Skyrise Broughton continues to rise to the occasion #PrimeTime

I can't emphasize how much TRUE developing matters especially at the younger age so I wanted to do something special on Skyrise Broughton. Sure I have people coming up to me blowing smoke about doing this or doing that with the ready made product and that smoke sometimes seems like it's coming from California, Colorado or whatever state has legalized, well you know what I'm talking about. The head coach has ran the helm at the D1 level, I spoke Coach Broughton about the improvement and she praised the kids for buying into the system, aka listening and comprehending, and from where they were back in March to where they are now has been mind boggling

I tweeted over and over about Asia Broughton developing into a BEAST and keep in mind she's yet to play a MS game, she's at the magic number of six feet and she listens to mommy throughout the game and is going to be a D1 player, yeah I'm calling it now and with her frame, the sky is the limit. Talent just pops on this team, Malikiya "Ring My" Bell and Timberlan "Heart to" Hart will be featured on my Tip Sheet for this division but I had a host of players to choose from. Ashlyn Jones has already been featured before along with Broughton however Jones was nursing a minor injury this go round

Lauren Mayes, Peyton Overton and Winter George have all improved, Mayes and Overton continue to create problems on the defensive end when they're in the ball game while George is creating her shot and even better than before but she's also picking the right time to take them. I was going to put Taylor Howard on the Tip Sheet but I'll sneak her in on this one simply because I love her becoming more aggressive on both ends and she's working on her game in game situation. She tried a reverse lay-up earlier in one game that almost went in and the next time I saw her attempt it she made it but it's not the fact that she tried and and made it. that was coming anyway, it's the fact that she KNEW when to attempt it and that's huge down the road