Wednesday, June 10, 2015

7th Grade Tip Sheet 2015 Summer Hoops Tour #PrimeTime

Jada Malone (Houston Skyrise Edmond)

The  Woodlands, TEXAS-The best thing about watching these kids over and over is that I get a sense on many of the can’t misses work ethic and that, at least to me shows in not only how hard they’re playing on the floor as well as how  hard they’ve been working on their games off the court. Skyrise Edmond’s Alexis Babineuax has star written all over her, I saw that last season at Prime Time Nationals on Fieldhouse Friday and she continues to add to her repertoire so I’m going to go ahead a lock her in as not just a next level player right now. Also special kudos to Kiersten Rich (Houston Premier) who continues to blow me away and since these two have made multiple Tip Sheets, I’m dropping some more from their teams  in fact several players caught my eye by doing a number of things in this age group and here are a few

Jada Malone ( Skyrise Edmond) she’s already over the magic number of six feet,  her speed and athleticism have improved as well as her ability to finish. She’s still learning and big things are ahead for this talented young lady who is also controlling the paint on both ends

R’Mani Taylor (Skyrise Edmond) she blew me away the first time I saw her, keep in mind that was shooting around in street clothes during halftime so what does that say.  She’s learning how to take over as well as getting players involved and what she will become is a terror in this town

Lane Rice (Houston Premier)

Lane Rice (Houston Premier) Rice continues to come into her own but what I enjoy seeing more than anything is her ability to make big plays and change the momentum. You don’t have to score to do that, she can but she’s learning other ways to do just that

Emma Slaughter (Houston Premier) from the start of the season,  loved the way Slaughter made the right play time after time but she’s added more offense from various angles and ways on the floor which will be huge for her down the road

Diane Hernandez (Franchize) she puts up numbers quickly and from various spots on the court, she also does a good job handling the ball under pressure. On top of all that, she defends as well as makes attempts to get teammates involved

Addison & Ashton Poth (Katy Rebels Poth) like another set of twins, Goss, from the Katy Rebel pipeline, these two caught my eye at a young age. I loved their game a year ago but now they’re stronger and showing they cannot only finish with contact but handle the ball under pressure and score outside

Rachel Maciejeski (Tomball Tigers) showed signs of becoming an instant offense player down the road because it seems like every time I looked up she was attacking from the wing for baskets or just poppin the short jumper. Throw in the fact that she can shoot the long ball and voila